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Why Adria Power:

  • The most trusted partner in the solar industry in Europe, no BS.
  • Whole array of solar industry products, from modules, optimizers, inverters, to batteries and EV chargers.
  • Competitive pricing options for wholesale and retail.
  • Stocked when others are not. Warehouses in Slovenia, Croatia, Germany and Sweden.
  • Custom pricing for B2B customers. We understand that every customer is unique, and our approach will match that.
  • Logistics and EUR1 documentation for non-EU countries.
  • Pre & After sales support. Know that you are not alone, we will help you build your business confidence.
  • Warranty processing and service. Implementation of NQA (no question asked) return policy of failed equipment within warranty period.
  • Public and private tender sales strategies.
  • Procurement for large projects or annual contracts.
  • Product knowledge. Feel free to ask us anything.
  • Distribution of highly reputable brands like Tigo, Fimer, TSC, ABB, SolPlanet, Renac, SoFar, Hypontech and Wavenetic.
  • On site education and private classes for installation groups.
  • Market analysis, integration and product testing. 
  • New product launch, white labeling, resale, promotions, expo boosters, pilot projects, case studies, local QC.
  • Project financing and other fiscal support.
  • EPC, EP, PEP partnering or ownership.
  • Open market energy broker for Large Commercial and Industrial users.

At Adria Power d.o.o. we can satisfy any procurement team with our wide network of partners and manufacturers. Already trusted by many, and we always welcome new partners to our ever expanding familly. Highly knowledgable team is ready to assist you and support you. Specialized in Tigo products, we offer immediate support, that can save you time and resources, as well as knowledge sharing and recommendation on implementing of Tigo products along with 3rd party inverters. Our associates are one wide array of resources for battery storage at commercial and industrial scale. We also manufacture our own line of EV chargers, for residential and commercial applications -  all Made in Slovenia.

We are strategically located in several countries in Europe, regions that are within hand reach of entire continent. Our locations include Slovenia (Headquarters), Germany, Sweden, Serbia, with North Macedonia and Italy joining us in 2024.

Feel free to contact us about your next project, with fast shipping on an in-stock items, we got your back. 

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