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Tigo EI 15kW+9kWh

Tigo Battery System

The Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) Residential Solar Solution includes a 15kW 3ph Hybrid/Off-Grid inverter, 9kWh LiFePo battery, and everything else you need for fast, flexible, and dependable solar installations.

Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) is a complete energy storage system that easily expands to accommodate customer's ever changing needs. The Tigo EI Battery stacks 3kWh blocks, easily allowing up to 12kWh of total energy. The Tigo EI Link is the keystone of the EI System. It is the communications hub and points for all grid, inverter, PV and battery connections. When paired with Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE, module level monitoring, optimization, and fire safety features can all be achieved with Tigo communications already built in.


• Powered by Tigo TS4 optimizers for maximizing flexibility with module design

• Supporting 150% oversized PV power

• Providing back-up, time of use, and energy management

• Fast Charging and high discharge current from battery

• Responding time less than 10ms

• Remote Monitoring and over the air upgrade

• Working in full load under extreme cold condition

• Fast installation and commissioning

• Industry leading warranty


EI Inverter 


The Tigo EI Inverter quickly connects to the EI Battery and converts DC electricity from the solar modules into AC electricity for use in the home. Installers and homeowners have the flexibility to choose the size (from 3-15kW) and phase (1 or 3) to meet the needs of their solar project.

Features and benefits
  • 1 phase options: 3, 5, or 6kW
  • 3 phase options: 6, 10, or 15kW
  • Storage-ready ‘hybrid’ inverter
  • Up to 150% DC oversizing (1.5:1 DC/AC ratio)
  • Efficiency - Max: 98.2%; Euro: 97.7%
  • Monitored by Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI)
  • 152-month warranty


EI Link 


The EI Link brings together all of the components of the Tigo EI Residential Solution. It physically joins the EI Inverter with the EI Battery with minimum cables required. It wirelessly communicates with the Tigo TS4's connected to each module and communicates with the cloud, to enable simple commissioning, remote monitoring, over-the-air updates, and more.

Features and benefits
  • Centralized wiring connects the EI Inverter to the EI Battery
  • Built-in CCA enables system and module-level monitoring
  • Connects to Tigo TS4's via a Tigo Access Point (TAP)
  • 60-month warranty


EI Battery


The Tigo EI Battery is a modular, scalable energy storage system for the EI Residential Solution. Available in sizes ranging from 3 to 12kWh for 1 or 3-phase homes, and equipped with efficient DC:DC charging from your solar installation, the EI Battery enables flexible, reliable backup power.

Features and benefits
  • Reliable, stable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry
  • Multiple modes including self-consumption, time of use (TOU) and backup
  • Configurable up to 12 kWh (3kWh per enclosure)
  • Single phase and three phase options
  • Efficient DC:DC charging from your array
  • Includes battery management system
  • Monitored by Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI)
  • 132-month warranty



Datasheet: EI Residential Solution (EU) Three Phase

Quick Start Guide: EI Battery (EU)

Installation Manual - EI Residential Solution (EU)

Limited Warranty for EI Products – Inverter, Battery, Battery Management System (BMS), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), Wiring Box (EI Link) and Energy Meter (as of August 11, 2022).

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