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Tigo CCA Kit


The Tigo CCA is the data hub for your solar array. When paired with the Tigo TAP, it enables module level monitoring and module level Rapid Shut Down with Tigo TS4-A-O.


One of the smallest solar data loggers on the planet, Tigo's Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) enables valuable insight into module level performance data. It is the hub for data from Tigo's A-O products and customers can also connect their inverters, batteries, building meters, and more. Real-time and historical data from the CCA can be viewed in the Tigo Energy Intelligence platform. The CCA is available as an add on kit, or integrated with inverters. It is supported by all major string inverter and module manufacturers worldwide.

  • Universal data-logger that works with the TAP, TS4-A-O, TS4-A-S, and TS4-A-M
Features and benefits
  • Works with Tigo TS4-O,M,S
  • Enables module level monitoring with the Tigo Energy intelligence platform when paired with the TAP
  • Provides immediate access to system data for installers
  • Enables internet connection via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or optional cellular connectivity
  • The Indoor Kit includes a CCA and a TAP



Datasheet: Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA)

Quick Start Guide: CCA & TAP

Installation Manual - TS4-A-O, TS4-A-S, TS4-A-M, CCA, TAP - 2021

Tigo EI App - Guide to Creating A New System

Unit1 kit
ColorCCA=green/black, TAP=black, PS=white/gray, DIN=silver
Weight0.41 KGS
Size115mm x 278.4mm x 203mm

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